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Finally Freedom!

The complications of diabetes can be stopped and even reversed!

People with diabetes (either type 1 or type 2) can NOW regain a more normal life, FREE of the horrible, life-shortening complications of the disease.
After 27 years of development, 16 clinical studies, and 32 supportive studies, our patients and their families can get their lives back… “a second bite of the apple”.

Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Pain, and Troubled Sleep Relief​​

“I feel like this treatment has given me my life back.”
Bob Phillips, Pastor of Encourager Church – Houston, TX


“My doctor told me I was well on my way to going blind… if I didn’t have this treatment, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my quality of life..”
Todd White – Sacramento, CA


“My heart was clearly diagnosed in serious decline. I decided to give the therapy a try. After several treatments, I was feeling very good and energized, my doctor was flabbergasted by the dramatic change.”
Edward Iaconis – Sacramento, CA

Neuropathy, Wound, and Near Amputation Relief

“The diabetic treatment has fully restored feeling and blood flow to my toe. I no longer need to get it amputated and I am now walking with ease.”
Guadalupe Macias – Newport Beach, CA

Neuropathy, Sleep, and Mood Relief

“Before the diabetic therapy, I had severe neuropathy in my feet, was very irritable, tired and having trouble sleeping. After 6 treatments, I have noticed a marked improvement.”
Sylvia Egan – Sacramento, CA
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